Transparent End Caps With Felt Pads

NEW PRODUCT: Transparent end cap with felt floor pad

We’ve just added a new range of end caps to our ever-growing list of components, except there’s a difference with these new additions…

Transparent end caps

What’s new?

To begin with, these end caps are transparent, meaning that they can fit subtly to the feet of your chair, tubes, tables and various other furniture pieces without obtruding and conflicting with the colour scheme.

They are also malleable, meaning that they will fit comfortably to your chair feet, table legs or other tube ends and without chipping, cracking or shattering upon application and impact.

To cap it all off, they have felt pads applied to the underside.  These felt pads offer protection to a wide range of flooring; from wood and laminate to carpets and marble, the felt padding of these end caps will prevent against scratches, scrapes and carpet damage.

Unlike stick on felt pads that you can pick up from the shops, these ones are already firmly attached to the end cap to prevent them from detaching or misshaping during moving, sliding or during added pressure to the furniture unit.

Transparent End Caps With Felt Pads

Key end cap unit features:

You can see our full range of Transparent end caps with felt pads HERE!

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