Why is cable management important

Why is cable management important?

Implementing and maintaining an efficient cable management system is vital within the office environment. It is essential for various reasons; beyond just providing a neat, tidy working environment.

From under desk cable trays and cable tidy snakes, to floor trunking and channelling systems; cable tidy systems can be found across offices worldwide!

In this blog post, we explore the various factors behind why cable management is so important for your office.

Reduce Potential Safety Hazards

Tangled and poorly organised cables can put unnecessary strain on cable coating. This added strain increases the risk of wear and tear which can expose the electronics underneath. Subsequently, posing a potential fire hazard.

Additionally, unkempt cables are an easily avoidable trip hazard. And, aside from risking personal injury, wrenching cables can cause serious damage to the connected appliance. Both hazards of which, can be practically wiped when neatly contained within a cable tidy system.

Cable Tidy & Management System

Usage & Trouble Shooting

Properly separated cables are essential in creating an efficient cable management system. This is because a key factor in  troubleshooting a device or network involves testing and assessing individual cables’ working condition. And, as issues can arise at any time, it is key to maintain neat and effective cable storage and separation.

Cable Management. Usage and Troubleshooting

Extended Cable Life & Performance

Aside from offering a clearer, tidier work space, effective cable management can also extend and maintain high performance of the power cables. Tangled cables can be strained, crushed and even exposed to heat due to lack of airflow; however, a simple yet effective cable tidy system can easily prevent all of this. It will also allow offer for power and data to perform  at a high standard for longer.

Save Time Later!

A tangled mess of cables won’t necessarily affect their performance. However, at some stage you will need to attack that mass of tangled cables.

Whether you’re troubleshooting, rearranging your devices or moving office; tidying them is an inevitable task! However, with the right cable management system in place, it can take just minutes to implement and save hours further down the line!

What Do We Recommend?

We offer a wide range of stylish yet subtle cable management solutions. However, our Modular Cable Management System has everything you need to create the perfect cable management system for you!


How Does This Modular Range Work?

Cable Ports

A cable port / cable grommet can be a ring of rubber, metal, plastic or even wood. This ring is designed to allow cables and wiring to pass through a desktop safely. Subsequently, they line the hole that passes through the worktop; allowing cables and wiring to feed through the desk without snagging or getting caught on the rough edges of the hole.

Cable ports come in a wide range of shapes and finishes; ranging from circular and oval to square and rectangular. Furthermore, designed to be push-fit into an industry standard Ø60mm or Ø80mm diameter hole.

If you have any questions or wish to know more, you can read all about them HERE.  Alternatively, you can head straight over to our range of Desk Grommets & Cable Ports HERE.

Cable Ports

Cable Baskets

A cable basket is a wire-like cable tray that supports and suspends cables and wiring. Generally, they are clipped or screw-fixed to the underside of the table through a bracket which holds it firmly in place.

We offer a range of Wire Basket Cable Trays in a variety of lengths and sizes. You can see our full range HERE.

Cable Basket

Cable Channeling Systems

Within this range, you can find holders, cable knuckles and cradle systems; all of which have been designed to suspend and separate cables. These fixings allow users to channel the cable routing along the underside of the work top and keep them hidden from site.

The smaller fixings can be easily applied wherever required underneath the work top by screw-fixing. Particularly, the cable holder knuckles and KAHA cable cradle system allows cables to be tightened up or loosened as necessary.

You can head straight over to see our complete range HERE!

Cable Channeling System

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or simply want to know more, head over to Cable & Wire Management section now! Alternatively, you can get in touch via our CONTACT US page today!

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