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What is the use of a cable tray?

Cable management plays a crucial role in the office, as you can read all about in our Cable management article. However, one cable management related question that we get asked about is, ‘what is the use of a cable tray’?

Here, we’ll go through what they are used for, three common types of office cable tray and the range we offer.

So, what are they used for?

A cable tray is a bridging system used to suspend and support insulted electrical cables and wiring. In addition, they are designed to protect and safely carry cables, wiring (and even power modules) from A-to-B.

Top 3 office cable trays

Wire Cable Tray / Basket: These have a wire basket-like frame that supports and suspends cables and wiring. This open design prevents heat and dust build up, as it has less surface area to accumulate and settle on.Cable Basket

Ventilated Tray: These are similar in function to both a cable basket and a solid bottomed tray. The design offers easy air-circulation. Subsequently, over heating is prevented by the ventilation slots (or holes).Cable Tray. VentilatedSolid-Bottom Tray: As opposed to a ventilated tray or cable basket, a solid bottomed cable tray cannot be accessed from underneath. Generally, these offer the most protection due to the solid casing around the cables and wiring. However, there is less air circulation and heat cannot easily escape.

Cable Tray. Solid

Back-to-back baskets: Back-to-back baskets are designed to be used with back-to-back desking (with a gap). The tray is screw-fixed to tops and bridges the gap between the tables. Subsequently, this allows for power modules and cables to be channeled down the middle and routed to a power source.

Back-to-back basket

Fixing Methods

There are various fixings methods available for attaching cable trays. One of the most popular options we offer is equipped with a fixing bracket readily attached. As a result, all you need to do is screw it in place!Cable Basket Bracket

Some cable baskets do not have brackets as standard. Subsequently, you may wonder how to attach these to your table. For installation of this type of tray, you’d need to use a screw and washer (in place of a bracket). Wire Basket

Alternative Cable Management Options

Cable trays are a very useful office cable management accessory. However, there are many alternative options available that may be more suited to your set up.

You can view our entire range of Cable & Wire Management options HERE. In this section you’ll find a wide range of cable management solutions; from desk grommets, ports and tidies, to ties, clips and more! Furthermore, you can also see our new range of innovative modular cable management systems HERE!

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