Tube Inserts and End Caps

Tube Inserts, End Caps & Tube End Bungs | Range Profile

Tube Inserts, End Caps, Tube end bungs, and Tube Glides come in many styles, shapes, sizes, and materials – and even go by many names, so we have put this handy range profile together to help you find the Tube inserts & End Caps you need.

Tube Insert Style & Application

Round Plastic Tube Inserts & End Caps

Standard Tube Inserts & End Plugs

The standard tube inserts & end plugs are designed to plug and finish the ends of tube, box section and pipe, typically in plastic, they are also available in metal for heavy duty applications. We offer the standard tube inserts in a range of shapes:

  • Standard flat head tube inserts – Ideal for situations where you just want to cap an end or a tube which is at 90 degrees to the floor
  • Domed head tube inserts – Offers a cosmetic enhancement/detail as well as offering an alternative to an angled insert
  • Angled Heads – Pre-set angled ends, perfect for played legs or tubes where an angle is required.

Tube inserts with threaded holes

Threaded Tube Inserts & End Plugs

Like the flat-headed tube inserts but with a threaded hole enabling a threaded foot, castor or glide to be fitted. The threaded tube inserts are generally in plastic but are available with metal threads on and we do offer all metal threaded tube inserts and end plugs for heavy duty applications.

Typically, most tube inserts and end caps are ribbed however we do also offer plain sided ones.


Tube Insert Shape

Our extensive range of tube inserts and end caps includes:

Tube insert colour

Tube Insert Material & Colour

Plastic tube inserts are the most common material used however we do also offer a range of plastic tube inserts with chrome, felt or anti-slip capped ends. As well as the plastic tube inserts, we also have all metal tube inserts for heavy duty use.

Black tube inserts are the most popular colour and we also offer most shapes and sizes in white and grey

Tube insert & end cap sizes

Tube Insert Sizes

We offer both metric tube inserts and imperial tube inserts and have this handy conversion chart for customers to use if unsure which sizes are needed. Generally, the imperial tube inserts are more economically priced vs the metric ones, but metric offers a much bigger selection of sizes.

Our extensive range of tube inserts and end caps covers sizes for all requirements;

  • The round plastic tube inserts start at 10mm and go all the way up to 193mm
  • The square plastic tube inserts start at 10x10mm and go all the way up to 150x150mm
  • The rectangular plastic tube inserts start at 20x10mm and go all the way up to 160x80mm
  • The oval plastic tube inserts start at 20x10mm and go all the way up to 80x25mm

As with all of our products we offer our tube inserts and end caps in trade packs but also with the option to order part bag quantities and in most cases loose – there is no minimum order on stock parts so even if you only need 2 units, our website will let you order the stock parts individually.

Tube Inserts & Tube fittings buying guide

Click here to see our handy step-by-step guide to ordering tube & wire fittings. It shows how to measure tube in the correct way to find the part required. In addition, our buying guide has an imperial-metric conversion chart.

Ordering from BPF Online


We also offer a handy free sample service so customers can “try before they buy” which is perfect if you’re not sure which size is needed. This way customers can make sure the tube inserts and end caps will fit prior to placing an order.

Next Day Delivery

We provide customers with the option of fast-tracking your order via an overnight. The cut-off time to guarantee this service is 15:00 GMT, but all orders where this option has been selected will be prioritised and if we can physically get your order out with a carrier, then we will do! Overnight delivery is next working day (Mon-Fri excluding bank holidays).

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