Top Hat Bushes

Top Hat Bushes & Insulation Bushes

Here at BPF, we offer an extensive range of Top Hat Bushes & Insulation Bushes; available in a wide range of sizes to suit a comprehensive range of applications.

What are they?

Unlike standard spacers & washers, top hat bushes have a ‘shoulder’ around the top of the sleeve. This shoulder provides cushioned, abrasion resistant spacing between 2 or more (usually pivoting) parts. They are also made from Nylon, which has high resilience and good anti-friction properties. It is also highly resistant to abrasion, as well as solvents, fuels and oils.

 How do they work?

Top hat bushes are versatile components, found across a range of industries. From Electrical, Construction and Automotive to catering, Manufacturing and more; they can be found in numerous sizes in various applications. But how can one component be used across so many different industries?

It all comes down to the comprehensive design. From the distinctive shape, down to the properties of the materials they are made from; all aspects have been carefully considered. They have been designed to accommodate for various applications, along with the conditions they’ll be exposed to.

Top Hat Bushes | Nylon 66

Top Hat Bushes

Flanged top hat bushes (also referred to as a ‘shoulder washer’) are manufactured from Nylon 6; and offer an alternative solution to standard spacers.

The ‘shoulder’ element of the washer refers to the flanged head and sleeve of the component.  This added feature allows for a range of additional uses (in comparison to a regular spacer). For example, the shoulder or ‘collar’ doesn’t just help to isolate fixings; it also offers abrasion resistance, reducing excessive vibrations and providing extra space between two (or more) pivoting parts.


Insulation Bushes | Nylon 6

Insulation Bushes

Insulation Buses are often referred to as a ‘screw insulator’ or ‘plastic insulation ring’ and are manufactured from Nylon 6. They are similar in many ways to regular top hat bushes, but have a different purpose. Insulation bushes are designed primarily for the isolation of fixings (such as metal bolts & screws) to prevent heat transfer.

The insulation between the component and the heat-sink is maintained by the high thermostability of the Nylon. The Nylon is also non-conductive, meaning they’re suitable for cables, wiring and other applicable items to safely pass through.  They are therefore commonly found within Electrical Systems as insulating elements.

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