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Soft Close Mechanisms | NEW RANGE

Here at BPF, we’re pleased to introduce you to our new range of soft close mechanisms! Within this expanding range, you’ll find single and double soft close buffers, as well as soft close cupboard door stays and more!

Soft Close Buffers

Beginning with our soft close buffer mechanisms; which uses a pneumatic structure to enable soft and gentle closing of cupboard and cabinet doors.

Soft Close Mechanisms

The versatile Soft Close Buffer & Adapter Set | Single is comprised of a Soft Close Buffer and Soft Close Buffer Adapter. These components are available individually as the buffer itself can be inserted into your cupboard or cabinet walls for a subtle, quiet finish. However, as this has a 1-2mm protrusion from the surface, which is why we also offer this Soft Close Buffer & Adapter Set; this set is screw-fixed to the internal wall of the cupboard or cabinet which allows for a completely flush finish.

Soft Close Mechanisms

We also offer the Soft Close Buffer(s) & Adapter Set | Double; this is a reinforced version of the single, and it is suitable for heavier/thicker cupboard or cabinet doors.

Soft Close Mechanisms

Both mechanisms, whether it be the single or double are suitable for office, domestic and home office use. They are particularly suitable in office, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom cupboards and cabinets. They are also available in a range of colours, offering a sleek and subtle way to make your door cupboard/cabinet door slam proof; in addition to preventing noise when closing and reducing the risk of trapped fingers.

Soft Close Cupboard Door Stay

This unique soft close cupboard door stay acts as an internal hinge/soft close bracket, and it has been designed to fit on either internal wall of your cupboard or cabinet. Perfect for retro fitting to existing cupboards and cabinets, or for use during joinery.

Soft Close Cupboard Door Stay

The soft close mechanism is combined with a door stay which locks in place (via a catch hold system), allowing you to open the door and remove cabinet or cupboard contents without the hassle of holding or propping it open. When you no longer need the cupboard door or cabinet door to be open, it can be gently lifted to release the hinge for a quiet and slam free close.

Soft Close Mechanism

What’s more, is that all of the plastic parts are made from engineering plastic. This engineering plastic is both durable and highly resistant to impact and abrasion (allowing the mechanism to work seamlessly without wearing down over time).

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or simply want to find out more, you can visit our full range of Cupboard & Cabinet Soft Close Mechanisms HERE. Alternatively, you can find our contact details HERE. There are more products in the works for this range, and so keep an eye out for the newest additions!