How to Install a Pop Up Socket: Milan Range

Due to it’s versatile nature, the Milan can either be hard wired directly to the mains or used as a deluxe extension socket as it’s already fitted with a mains plug – please bear in mind that although the Milan is available as a special order to suit other electrical systems, this particular model is designed for the UK 240v 3-Pin Plug system only.

Important Information:

  • Don’t remove protective film from the cover disc until you are sure you’re planning to keep the unit.
  • Please ensure there is enough space available underneath the unit prior to installation to accommodate the shoulder washer. There must also be enough space for the mains lead (and a data cable on certain models) to run unhindered.
  • The unit is designed around worktop thicknesses of between 20mm and 55mm.
  • When removing the protective film from the chrome top by hand, do not use any sharp instruments or they will scratch / damage the chrome top.

Installation Guide:

Before you start:

Please ensure:

  • You have room on top for a hole size of 124mm (or 101mm if not using the flush fit adaptor)
  • There will be enough space below for the unit to fully retract and for the cables to run unhindered from the base of the unit.
  • The worktop is at least 20mm but no greater than 55mm in thickness
  • There is adequate space available underneath to accommodate the shoulder washer and enable access to tighten / clamp.

Pop Up Depth and Hole Size Dia


1. Unscrew shoulder washer from the unit

Milan Pop up socket install Step 1

2. Position flush fit adaptor into hole

Milan pop up socket install step 2

3. Insert pop up socket into hole

step 3 Insert pop up in to hole

4. Screw shoulder washer onto underside of the unit and tighten into place

Tighten shoulder washer on pop up socket

5. (Optional) – Fix shoulder washer to underside of surface with provided screws, subject to worktop type

Screw shoulder washer in to place on pop up socket

6. Connect mains plug to power supply and switch on

Switch pop up socket on at mains

7. Remove protective film from cover disc by hand

When installation of Milan pop up socket is finished peel back protective film

8. Unit is now ready to use

step 8

Each Milan pop up socket comes with a full set of installation instructions in the box which we always recommend are used as the primary installation advice for the Milan pop up sockets.

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