Here at BPF, we’re pleased to announce the arrival our new PONTO Under Desk Tray!

PONTO Under Desk Tray


What is the PONTO Under Desk Tray?

The PONTO Tray is an under desk tray devised to house and suspend power modules from the underside of the work top.

It has been designed specifically for use with the PONTO 295 x 117mm Soft Close Metal Access Plate; which when combined, allows you to access the (suspended) power module through the Ponto Access Plate.

The under-desk design means that both the power module and the under-desk tray are hidden from view; without obstructing easy access to the power module.

Subsequently, this power module tray (when combined with the PONTO access plate) is perfect for boardroom tables, desks and worktops where multiple power connections are required.

PONTO Under Desk Tray


How does it work?

The PONTO Tray comes flat packed and is quick and easy to construct, without the use of tools.

To assemble it, all you need to do is connect the arms to the bottom plate and then apply the velcro strips.

To connect the tray to the access plate, simply click the PONTO tray flaps into the grooves in the PONTO Access Plate. You can then apply the power plug to the tray by use of the velcro strips, keeping it securely in place.

Technical information / Key features:

  • Size: 78 x 264 x 90 mm (H/L/W)
  • Material: Aluminium
  • No screws or tools needed

1 Set consists of:

  • 1 bottom plate
  • 4 arms
  • 3 Velcro strips

PONTO Under Desk Tray

View online now!

To view this new PONTO Under Desk Tray online, click HERE. To see the partnering PONTO Soft Close Metal Access Plate, click HERE!

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