Nylon Hinges – New Lower Prices

We have been revisiting the pricing of a number of our ranges to see if we can bring these rates down as much as possible. The first range to see the benefits of our new pricing system is our range of Load Rated Nylon Hinges.

We offer a wide range of industrial nylon hinges which are used in a number of sectors; machinery protection doors, joining metal profiles, carpentry, furniture etc.

These Nylon hinges have been designed  to provide resistance and functionality to opening and closing mechanisms but without compromising on aesthetics.  There’s a choice of Single or Double Fixing Holes – both with the option of Countersink or Socket Cap (Allen) Head.

The maximum angle of rotation of these hinges is 270º, allowing doors or windows to be adjusted to the maximum without their closure being excessively forced – we also offer hinges with lower rotation angles.

Load Rated Nylon Hinge Angle | BPF

Generally the hinges come in two types; those with 1 fixing hole and those with 2 fixing holes.

Within the industrial nylon hing range we have hinges specially designed to ease connection between aluminium profiles. These hinges have a stud, which permits rapid locating and a guide system to ease assembly.

Standard Hinges

Standard Nylon Hinges

Combined Hinges

Combined Nylon Hinges

Hinges with Studs

Hinges with Studs


Under the new pricing system our range of load rated hinges prices are now as little as 68p each for hinges.