Folding Shelf Brackets

NEW RANGE | Folding Shelf Brackets

We’ve just added a stylish NEW RANGE of folding shelf brackets to our website! All of which are available in a range of sizes, colours and materials.

Folding shelf bracket

All of the folding shelf brackets in his range are made from a strong, durable metal which can hold a maximum load capacity of up to 100kg (when evenly distributed). This load capacity bearing makes them perfect for use as kitchen shelves, bathroom shelves and bedroom shelves, garages, living rooms and more!

They are also available in depths of 200mm, 300mm and 390mm. These sizes combined with a high load capacity allows for multiple uses, as shown below:

Folding Shelf Brackets

Not only is this mechanism durable in design, but they are available in a range of colours; allowing users to mix or match with any coloured decor. From offices, schools and libraries to homes, hotels and hospitals, we have a colour/style to to suit. Available colours include black, white, brown, gold and nickel satin.

Additionally, we offer them in a stylish, galvanised zinc which bears the same load capacity as our colour coated options. This coating helps to protect against corrosion, while maintaining a subtle, elegant look.

These are also available in depths of 200mm, 300mm and 390mm.


How do the shelf brackets work?

Once wall mounted, the folding shelf bracket is easily lifted up and click-locked into position for use. When no longer required, all you need to do is press the button-leavers on each side to release the click-lock mechanism and the shelf can then be neatly folded away.

Folding shelf bracket

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

We list these folding shelf brackets in the most popular colours and finishes, all available HERE. However,  if you require a colour that isn’t listed,  get in touch via our CONTACT US page to speak with a member of sales, as custom colours may be available on request subject to MOQ’s and extended lead times.