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Here at BPF, we know how important lockable security is, but with so many options on the market, it’s difficult to know which option to pick. So, we’ve put the hard work in for you! We’ve introduced a new range of door locks that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Electronic Door locks

The first one in our range is the Electronic Door Lock | Single User. This is a keyless lock that allows for only code holders/authorised personnel to gain access. Thus making it the perfect electronic door lock for private dwellings, shops and small offices.

Electronic Door Locks

Similarly, we also offer the Electronic Door Lock | Multi User. This is an electronic lock, suitable for when multi user access is required. This aspect makes it suitable for lockers, containers, store rooms and other areas where security is essential; particularly suitable for offices, changing rooms and other public areas.

Electronic Door Locks

Timber Door Lock

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a lock to keep your timber door secure, we’ve got that covered too! We also offer the Rotary Push Lock (Padlock Secured). This is designed primarily for use on timber; perfect for wooden doors, shed doors, cabinets and other wooden furniture units/appliances.

Rotary Push Lock Padlock Secured

The mechanism is secured using a padlock which once inserted, disconnects the push knob from the back part/lever. This design aspect then prevents the possibility of ‘forcing’ the lock open.

Simple, secure & effective

There are simple measures that you can take to improve security; such as alarm installation (visibly placed), good outside lighting and basic housekeeping (such as not leaving ladders laying around or leaving windows open); but while all of these measures will help to reduce the risk of burglaries, not all crooks will be warded off. Door locks are the last line of security, which is why choosing a lock you can rely on is essential.

Overall savings

Granted, door locks aren’t the cheapest, but when considering the financial (and even sentimental) loss following a theft, the quality is worth paying for. It’s also worth noting that taking security seriously is a green light to insurers and can even reduce your premium!

Want to know more?

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