OPLA Pull Out Worktop

New pull out table frames

We have just expanded our popular range of pull out table frames to include 3 new styles. The new styles provide various new styles and methods to save space in kitchens and living spaces. These ingenious frames have been developed to maximise space saving in smaller areas, or where a clutter free environment is required. Designed to sit neatly hidden away behind a drawer front, these systems simply pull out and give customers a choice of table widths. All you need to add is the top of your choice and then you have a versatile tabletop, perfect for small kitchens, kitchenettes, laundry rooms, offices, playrooms and children’s bedrooms. Recent applications have also included mobile homes and caravans.


OPLA Pull out table frame










OPLA is designed to pull out and be flush with the worktop its coming out of, providing a seamless extension that can just as effortlessly be put away. There are 2 verions of OPLA, OPLA Shelf and OPLA Top. “OPLA shelf” is designed to go in a unit and when pulled our will end up flush with the shelf above it. “OPLA top” extends and rises up to be flush with the worktop above it.

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These are 2 new products go hand in hand – T-ABLE and T-BENCH follow the same design principles and as such, work perfectly in harmony as an integrated seating and table arrangement that can be neatly folded away behind drawer fronts. They both use the same folding telescopic leg which offers extra re-assurance to safely accommodate a load rating of 100kg on both, providing extra stability meeting the highest safety standards.

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EVOLUTION Pull out table frame.

Evolution is a new system for the extraction of a table from a drawer of medium and large size. The medium version of 1000mm is designed to use 2 tops, while the XL version of 1500mm is provided for the use of 3 tops. The model has been developed to allow the use of the leaf of the entire composition of the cabinet, or to be inserted in a cabinet in which the door closing is not provided.

This new transformable comes complete with a painted steel bridge leg with 2 wheels on the ground, adjustable up to 25mm in height. Like all our other transformable models, all components and your wooden parts are integrated into the system.

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