Phaze-G Power Modules

NEW PRODUCTS: Power Modules

We’re excited to introduce our extensive new range of power modules; covering a wide range of configured power outlets, Data outlets and USB ports!

Phaze-G Power Modules

Starting with our new PHAZE-G range, an improved and updated design of the popular Phaze grommet sockets. As part of the re-release, these units have been made even easier and quicker to install! These new in desk power modules also feature LED light edging around the USB ports. Accompanying the USB ports is a central power outlet, neatly contained and finished off with chrome banding around the edge of the grommet; which is designed to fit into an industry standard 80mm hole.

View the full range of powered desk grommets & in desk power modules HERE or go straight to the PHAZE-G modules below:

Phaze-G Power Modules

Phaze-T Power Modules

Next, we bring you the PHAZE-T power module, which is an in desk power module that fits industry standard 80mm holes. Configurations are available from 2 x gang, USB, HDMI & Cat6; providing you with power, data and media connections all neatly consumed within the desktop, right where you need it!

View the full range of powered desk grommets & in desk power modules HERE or go straight to the PHAZE-T modules below:

PHAZE-T Power Module

VersaPad Power Modules

Following is our new VersaPad power module range. These power outlets fit perfectly into industry standard 80mm and they are combined with both data outlets and USB ports; furthermore, they are available in white, black and metal finishes allowing you to update or upgrade on pre-existing in desk power grommets.

You can view our full range of rectangular profile cable ports HERE or go straight to the VersaPad modules below:


V-Lid Socket Plates

We provide a range of in-desk power modules with multiple configurations from 2,3 and 4 gang options + multi RJ45/Data. These rectangular, multi-gang plug sockets offer both style and symmetry to your desk or table top.

View the full range of powered desk grommets & in desk power modules HERE or go straight to the V-Lid Socket Plate modules below:

V-Lid Socket Plates

V-Frame Power Sockets

Within our range of tri-gang V-frame power sockets, you’ll find options to include or exclude CAT6 Data. Although the offered range is limited, the options and uses available for this power socket are incredibly diverse, enabling them to be used as floor, wall, table/desk or even ceiling sockets! Other configurations for this power socket are available on request, including multimedia sockets (e.g. HDMI and USB). Get in touch with us HERE to find out more!

View the full range of Powered Desk Grommets & In Desk  Power Modules HERE or go straight to the V-Frame modules below:

V-Frame Power Sockets

V-Hit Power Modules

This concealed power module range is both subtle and desecrate when fitted, making it perfectly designed for use within the home, office or other populated holdings such as hotels, restaurants and cafés.

The versatile nature of these USB hubs mean they are not only suitable for hard furnishings but also soft furnishings, including arm chairs, sofas and bed frames. The V-hit modules are also neatly concealed within an easy push and slide mechanism, meaning that these USB ports can be applied to a range of surfaces and furnishings as required.

View the full range of concealed sockets with sliding tops HERE, or go straight to the V-Hit modules here:

V-Hit Power Modules

V-Desk mounted power modules

Finally, our new range of desk mounted power modules and sockets (fixed with an C-clamp) are perfect for the home or office. We offer a choice of configurations from tri-gang UK Power, USB Smart Charge, CAT6 Data and HDMI, however, custom Units can also be made to order.

View the full range of desk mounted power modules HERE or go straight to the V-Desk modules here:

V-Desk mounted power module

Can’t find what you’re looking for or simply want to know more? By default, we list the standard colours and sizes online but variable dimensions and configurations may be available on request. Please note that variations are subject to minimum order quantities and longer lead times. CONTACT US for more information.