KUBA Cable Management

KUBA: Modular Cable Management System

KUBA is our new modular cable management system. Perfect for dynamic office environments due its modular design and choice of options & solutions. KUBA is made up of various individual components that can be used in a number of combinations to primarily channel cables around the office but with a number of other advantages.

Height Adjustable Cable Snakes

The KUBA cable snake is comprised individual cells and uses an articulating design meaning its perfect for use with height adjustable or sit / stand desking as it will effortlessly move up and down as the desk does.

KUBA Magnets for Height Adjustable Desks

For the best height adjustable cable system the KUBA range includes optional add-on magnets which can be used to easily connect the snake to the desk / table leg.

From floor to desk

Base plate KUBA offers a choice of floor bases; a standard plastic base or a metal base plate which is weighted to keep the snake and cables in place.



KUBA Cable Snakes Floor Base


If you need to channel cables away from the desk you can use the floor snake adaptor to connect one of the KUBA floor snakes directly to it.



floor snakeThe KUBA floor snake comes in standard lengths of 1000mm and is the perfect way to run cables along the floor without having to install Floor Trunking.

KUBA Strain Bush relief adaptor

The Strain Bush Relief adaptor connects the KUBA snakes to allow the cables to be channeled along under desk cable canals. There is also one strain bush relief adaptor that can be mounted straight on to wood / desk tops.




Desk Top Cable Management

KUBA Cable Ports

The LOCK cable ports are available for 80mm or 60mm holes and come with open and closed caps which can be interchanged easily. They also have a 16mm adaptor hole to connect a variety of optional extras.

The 16mm Adaptor hole on the LOCK ports allow a number of extra applications to be used with the system:

Lock Lamp

LOCK Screen






The extra applications that fit the adaptor hole include mounting a desk lamp or using 2 LOCK ports will allow a desk screen to be mounted…

KUBA Cable Management System

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