Home Office Essentials – Part 2


“Organised Chaos” isn’t for everyone – so if you’re like most people and want to keep on top of your home office environment it’s important to have a few handy tools to make storing items around you that much easier:

D-03010-310450-001-297_2 Pen Tray

Keyboard / Pen trays

We have a selection of Pen trays & pen pots perfect for keeping stationery stowed away when not in use. The range includes ones to fit into desk / ped drawers, with a choice of Static or adjustable sizes to suit any drawer.

We also have under desk fit options on runners for where drawers aren’t an option. These are designed to be slip profile and can be fitted directly to the underside of the desktop, offer a number of compartment storage options.

Our Pen tray pots fit into any standard 80mm grommet hole and provide instant desktop pen storage; they even have a clearance hole as standard for cables to run through from the underside of the desk, like a standard grommet.

If desktop space is scarce you may want to consider using an under desk keyboard tray to keep your keyboard tucked away when it’s not in use. Just like the under desk pen trays these work on runners for easy access. There are extra deep versions for larger keyboards.

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Media Racks

CD & DVD Storage

A selection of CD Storage Racks and DVD Storage racks, perfect for desktop use. There are Vertical / horizontal options depending on how much desk top space is available.  We even offer suspension files for filing cabinets that hold up to 4 or 5 CD’s / DVDs / Blu Rays.

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Under Desk storage

It’s not just the your desktop you need to think about when storing things away in the office; Often overlooked, under desk storage can make a big difference to your working environment. A CPU holder will make sure your CPU is neatly stored in a vertical position under your desk. We have adjustable ones to suit almost any sized modern CPU. Our range of CPU Holders also includes a selection of mobile CPU holders for scenarios where CPU’s need to be moved around.

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