Home Office Essentials – Part 1

Home Office Essentials 2015

Whether you work from home or it’s simply a place to get the house admin done a home office needs to be organised, practical and above all a comfy working environment.  We have put together a handy list of essential products & solutions to make your home office complete and over the next few weeks we will be posting these up for you.

We start off with Hidden Power solutions:

Hidden Power

With so many mobile devices and gadgets these days it’s important to have easy access to power and connection points. We have a range of desktop power / connection solutions that mean all of your power needs will always be in reach:

Pop Up Kitchen Socket

Pop –Up Sockets

These pop up / pull up sockets are perfect for environments where table / desk real estate is at a minimum but you still need easy access to Plug sockets, USB & CAT6 data sockets. When not in use they can pushed back down into the worktop, like they are not even there!  We have options for various hole sizes ranging from 60mm up to 124mm (for our flush fitting pop up sockets).

View the range

Desktop Access Plates - Rectangular Grommets

Access plates

Like an oversized cable port these access plates have a hinged lid and brush lining and can be used to give easy access for cables to run unhindered through the desk. We have a wide choice of shapes, sizes and finishes to suit almost any working environment. There are even options that have built in power and data options.

View the range

Versapad-Desktop Grommet Power


The VersaPad is a clever new product in our range that offers simple Power, Data & USB to any worktop / desk. The beauty of this product is it retrofits into any standard 80mm grommet hole making it discreet and perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their pre-existing standard grommet. They are available with or without CAT6 data sockets and you have a choice of 5v charging USB sockets for smartphone and devices or USB connection sockets that can be connect to a PC or Laptop for HDDs or memory sticks.

View the range

Motorised Revolving Desktop Power


Our Premium range of desktop power – these motorised revolving panels offer a wide choice of connections and configurations to any worktop. At the touch of a button these metal panels spin round to reveal the sockets & connections, then when you are finished using it a simple tap of the other button and the panel spins back round to blank off for a nice clean finish. The options available include combinations of – Power, USB, CAT 6 Data, VGA and HDMI.

View the range

Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless charger

Currently only available through our subsidiary site – BOX15 – We have a wireless smartphone charger that is compatible with any QI enabled device. Just like our VersaPads they are designed to be easily retrofitted into a standard 80mm grommet hole to provide an almost flush wireless charging surface to your desk top.

View the range

Next – Storage….

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