HIDE Modular Desking

HIDE Modular Desking | NEW RANGE

Here at BPF, we’re please do introduce our new range of HIDE Modular Desking!

HIDE Modular Desking

HIDE is an innovative range of modular desking that offers unlimited design possibilities; From standard, rectangular desking to L-shaped corner desks or even extended table runs.

This new range modular desking offers a new dynamic in comparison to our range of modular desking, thanks to it’s telescopic beams. These telescopic beam options are available in 900 – 1400mm or 1410 – 1910mm, giving you the option to create table from the minimum to the maximum length, and anywhere in between.


The name ‘HIDE’ derives from the innovative design, in which everything is hidden! There are no screws, joints or beams visible once the top has been fitted. This modular frame has been created with fast and simple assembly in mind; using less screws and allowing users to create a unique and personalized frame.

The design itself also offers angular solutions, simple extensions and double table options; perfect for home and commercial use.


What styles are available?

Firstly, we offer the HQ range which has a stylish O-leg / hooped leg design. And secondly, we offer the HX which has an innovative X leg / Cross table leg design; both of which offer elegance without compromising on durability for the executive desk frame.

HIDE Modular Desking

What HIDE configurations are available?

As standard, the HIDE desk range uses 2 legs and 2 connecting beams for a complete desk frame. We list a wide of standard configurations HERE. However, as HIDE is modular, it can be reconfigured and made in to pretty much any shape or size desk!

HIDE Modular Desking

The length of the table frame is determined by the length of the beams. However, the telescopic options allow you to extend or adjust the desk length, making them longer or shorter as required. Height adjustable legs are also available, allowing to you to adjust the frame to the height of each individual.

What’s more, is that we also offer a HIDE Bracket Return, enabling you to create an L-shaped return (or a corner desk) and the HIDE Extension Connector, which provides the option to connect additional beams and create an extended desk run.

Why is modular desking so popular?

While modular desking is not a new concept, it’s popularity continues to soar! This is because of their versatile design allowing for a wide range of widths, lengths and even heights; adapting to almost any set up.

Modular versatility is now in demand more than ever, with working from home and office layouts being rejigged. Subsequently, the ability to transform a HIDE desk from a meeting table into a corner desk with just a few tweaks makes them perfect for a range of set ups. They are particularly suited to offices, home office set ups, schools, libraries and other multi personnel office environments where flexibility and adaptability is essential.

What other modular options are available?

We also offer the K2, K3KD2 which are all modular in design; sharing the same beams and blades as each other. You can read all about this in our sister companies modular desking blog HERE or head over and view the entire range HERE.

K2, K3 & KD2 Desks

Want to know more?

As previously mentioned, these modular frames can be made in to pretty much any shape or size desk. However, if you have a specific requirement that isn’t listed then get in touch. We can then work out what you need to create you required configuration.

If you have any questions or simply want to know more, head on over to our HIDE Modular Desking HERE. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our CONTACT US page today.