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Cable Trays from BPF

New to our range of Cable Tidy Solutions is a selection of Under Desk Cable Trays. The Cable tray is the perfect solution for safely and cleanly channeling cables around the office / work place underneath Desk & Tabletops. A wire mesh cable tray can also be used as a cable support system to run cables and power blocks along ceilings to help prevent any trailing cables causing health and safety concerns.

We offer a wide number of cable tray sizes in the rage to suit almost any Desk / Table, from 200mm right up to 1600mm long cable trays. Our range includes 2 different cable tray types:

Cable Tray

This style comes with all the fixtures and fittings as standard and is available in the following sizes:

And the other style available in the range:

Wire Mesh Cable Tray

This European style has a rounded design and doesn’t come with any of the fixings to allow customers to choose the best method of installation. This one is available in the following sizes:

We keep large quantities in stock and for any sizes we don’t have can be ordered in quickly. Check out the full range here:

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