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Bio Products | New Range Coming Soon

Here at BPF, we’re pleased to announce that we’re launching a new range of bio products! Following many years of product development and collaboration with the Institute for Organic Plastics, our customers will soon be offered an advanced selection of market-proven bio products; all made from bio-friendly resources.

So, what does this all mean?

These bio products will be comprised organic plastics, organic composite materials and recycled plastics; providing an alternative to goods made from conventional plastics. The nature of these products makes them renewable, replaceable, sustainable and some even decomposable; all without adding to pollution levels in the process. Additionally, some of these bio products will be made of recycled materials from both electronic and household waste; simply reshaping what we already have.

Bio Products Range

What sort of bio products will be on offer?

We’ll be offering a range of bio products available from the following categories:

However, it doesn’t end there. If you’re interested in a particular range that we’ve not listed, get in touch with:, as it may be in the works!


Bio Products Range

Reduce your carbon footprint

It’s a given that all companies are looking to differentiate themselves from competitors; and so using sustainable and renewable materials (which forms an integral part of Corporate Social responsibility) can play a key role in distinguishing one company from the next. This is because sustainable production is valued by almost all target groups, while the use of resource-friendly materials enhances users’ image and subsequently, brand awareness!

Bio Products Range

Will it affect the quality?

Among their many uses, organic plastics are on par with conventional plastics with regards to versatility and material properties. As such, the following properties are virtually unaffected and are almost identical to those of conventional plastics:

  • Colouring
  • Material intensity
  • Abrasion
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance to UV light
  • Heat/cold properties

Bio Products Range

Low risk, bright future

Not only are users reducing their carbon footprint, but the use of recycled and renewable resources in plastic based products offers security for both suppliers and buyers alike. This is because it excludes them from market volatility, as opposed to crude oil-based resources which many sellers, buyers and users rely heavily on.

Bio Products Range

Want to know more?

We’ll be listing regular colours as standard but alternatives may be available on request, subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times. If you’d like to know more, email: today!